Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Deegan & The Manson Felines LIE yet again

Aris Arnelle Durocher

Accusations Abound by a bunch of deceitful demented liars!

As posted on twitter:

Deegan admits that Annett lied about death threats but Deegan failed to say that he helped Annett with lies and continues to lie about me & others under his many alias names with the help of some of his friends.

As an example Heather Martin first accused Kitty Hundal of being behind the Heather Martin Must Be Stopped Blog. Now she accuses myself and JOD. She would be WRONG YET AGAIN! Just like her friend DEEGAN was wrong when he helped Annett claim that Lydia and I were the same person. Since I am being accused with yet another lie out of their many lies. I thought I would share the blog in question. ( see above link).

Video From The Heather Martin Must Be Stopped Blog - Heather, Deegan
and friends seem to be making enemies with others. 

Please note the video Pagan Media & her despicable friends that Deegan put up with his friends help is another huge lie. I do not know Kitty Hundal, or any of her friends named in these videos. Deegan also accused two of Kitty H's friends of being pedophiles and Heather Martin parroted Deegan's accusations.

Deegan calls me a pedophile lover because I am a fan of Michael Jackson's. So in Deegan's mind any MJ fans are pedophile lovers. That is millions of fans worldwide! including professionals!

Deegan also calls residential school child victims pedophiles. Just about anybody that stands up to to him and his friends are attacked in this fashion. Heather Martin also has taken to calling people pedophiles and Lydia White Calf agrees with them.

Kevin Annett uses bogus death threats on his life and then tries to implicate professionals of killing 7 of his friends! If you say to Kevin drop dead he lies and turns it into a death threat against him.

Kevin Annett also lied about why there was a fall out with Deegan and Survivors in Ireland. It was how Deegan treated John Ayers and JOD and others survivors to why other Irish folk/survivors started leaving the Annett/Deegan abode. That and the fact that Irish activists were starting to see that Annett was a liar and only using the painful history of residential schools for his gain in raking in donations. That is what I was told by more then one Irish Survivor with the Annett/Deegan experience!

The minute Annett was questioned in terms of his motives. Deegan and his friends attacked the living survivors. Deegan sheds all responsibility of how he lied attacked, bullied, harassed and stalked the survivors that turned away from him because of his actions against them and other survivors. Kevin Annett once more selfishly claims glory that had very little to do with him. He is so big headed and conceited that he just had to say it was about him. UGH.

In ending the only two people I knew at the time of this huge fall out in Ireland was Bob M and Moira D. Deegan is telling another absolute lie when he tries to lay blame with me for what he did. Further his bro fight with Kevin Annett again has nothing to do with me. Deegan posted in his videos the conservation fight that took place between him and Annett and again it seemed to be Deegan's actions. In fact Annett called Deegan crazy and then made fun of him when Deegan was pulling his support. Annett said in that conversation that nobody went to Deegan's events. Please notE I am pretty confident that Deegan did not show us the full conversation in his fight with Annett.

In essence Kevin Annett and some of his close affiliates had enough of Deegan in my opinion and since he wasn't producing the people he was replaceable to Kevin Annett. Had Deegan brought the people in to the events, Kevin would have shone Deegans' shoes for him. I derive this from Deegans videos about his fight with Annett.

A grown ass man like John Deegan or whatever his name is can accuse people with his lies, attack and abuse people  but he can't handle it when people stand up to him, his friends and their lies. Suck it up and deal with it Janice, John Deegan, Paddy Murphy, James Bell, Peter Parks, Kevin Gallagher, Brendan Gallagher, Jeanine Johnson, fake pagan media impersonator, megawathercrystal, Jay Jay, imoffouttahere, and all other fakes and alias names you and some of your friends use.

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