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Olakunle Lawrence Discusses The Boko Harem Money Terrorism

Aris Arnelle Durocher

Olakunle Lawrence of the Nigerian Blogger will be back to guest speak on the conflict of over 230 missing young school girls in his native Nigeria.

 The girls have been missing since April 2014 with more being taken over the weeks. In fact the Boko Harem is threatening to start terrorizing Cameroon and taking school girls.

 Olakunle wrote in an article on his blog the following excerpt:

 Those who call themselves freedom “fighters”/ “terrorists”/ jihadist”, and are willing to die based on an ideology which they wholeheartedly believe in, do it based on that ideology alone for the most part. These beliefs are usually hinged on the concept of freedom, liberation and justice. However perverted the principles they espouse are to the “rational” person, to them its their truth.

However in Nigeria, there is a new trend, one that is subliminally hidden behind all the talk of jihad and Islamic liberation. This new trend is what i have termed “Money terrorism“.

Boko haram is a terrorist group based out of the northern part of Nigeria. They have been responsible for multiple killings, bombings and senseless acts of violence against innocent civilians and people.They believe only in the “pure”, “unadulterated” and strict Islamic teachings.

Now, this group led by its leader Abubakar Shekau claim these acts of violence are based on turning Nigeria into an Islamic state and nothing more. They claim its a fight based on right and wrong as they perceive it.

 I beg to differ. I differ wholeheartedly. Read More From The Nigerian Blogger at the following link. Money Terrorism.. My Take on the Boko Haram insurgency.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Heather Martin Lies Again~! And May Have Outed Her Good Good Friend.

It appears that Heather Martin has outed her good  good friend Lydia White Calf, yet again. Wow, with friends like this Lydia does not need enemies!!! J/S. Grin

Aris Arnelle Durocher

Sigh! It has come to my attention that Heather Martin has lied profusely about me and others. Ugh Heather Martin from the Resident Evil Blog the good good Xian has outdone herself in the lies she told on the Plastic Shamans forum. I was informed dear people this weekend of the newest far reaching lies that Heather Martin spewed. However as Heather tried to get me and openly harass others like John O'Donnell with her false accusation of lies and spins, she in reality got herself and she may have just outed Lydia White Calf as being the culprit of the death threats. Listen to the podcast people. This link   NAFPS Forum  is where this BS started!

See video  above and see Heather Martin and others lies that I work with Kevin AnnettThey want you to believe their LIES.

More proof of their lies that I work with Annett or got info off of them. In fact in this video it cleary shows my defense of the Lydia and Royce White Calf when their good friend, their sister Heather Martin and Greg Renouf left them hanging. Heather Martin nor Greg didn't know how to begin to defend the White Calfs after hearing that audio addressed to Nell Cole. They ran for cover.  Lydia at that time was posting on my wall to take all I wanted, she was desperate to be defended, her friends wouldn't help her after hearing that audio and in fact both Martin and Renouf started to get more friendly with Nell Cole at that time. Psst Hateful Heather Martin, it is my Native heritage that taught me to look and hear beyond what I first hear or see, to delve deeper and that is why I was able to defend the White Calfs my heritage and my education. Grin

Above video is proof of who did the majority of research and work regarding Kevin Annett. It was NOT Heather Martin, Greg Renouf, nor Lydia White Calf. All of them credited themselves and each other for some of my work. As seen in this video who made the entries. Note Lydia was not around nor was Heather Martin. I culled my research on what I knew about Annett and what others like Elder Charlie Thompson, Elder like Gray Wolf had shared their experiencs and knowledge of Kevin Annett as well as groups I was on at that time also added additional information aside from my own experience with Kevin Annett. Heather Martin is a disgraceful liar in saying I got information from her, when she NEVER supported Annett. Again I never had a deep convo with Carrie Lester and Lydia brought her own knowledge that was separate from my work/research. Again when nobody would defend Lydia and her husband Royce White CAlf after the Nell Cole audio came out. I did after weeks of Lydia's so called friends ignoring her and leaving them hanging. That is what the truth is!

The above video subtansiates that Heather Martin ONLY started her blog in July of 2012 whereas all the stuff I posted
on my blog and Renouf's blog began April 2012 on Renouf's blog and I had posted articles on Annett from January of 2012. Heather  Martin LIED about all she stated on the NAFPS forum and Lydia White Calf supported those lies.

The above video supports the proof that Heather Martin did a full fledged article and blamed Kitty Hundal for being the owner of Heather Martin Must Be Stopped blog. She put print screens etc. all of a sudden she blamed John O and I because it fit in with her/their scheme of deceit and lies. She really does not know who is responsible. Heather Martin has made enemies with many people because she does harass and stalk people and she is a hateful bully who will lie about anything and anyone that gets in her way.

Heather Martin calls John Deegan an innocent man, please listen to my podcast and visit lets get to the truth link at the following URL's

Peoples Voices: What Hidden History Lies Beneath An Alleged Pedophiles Deception
Feel free to also listen to other podcasts including the death threat allegations.

Lets Get To The Truth Kevin Flannigan Alleges His Friend pedophiled three of his sisters children and had an incestuous relationship with his sister. This was Deegan's friend that alleged this of Heather's so called Innocent man and said it was one of Deegan's family members that revealed this to him. Heather Martin and Lydia White Calf were very aware of Deegan's grievous actions against the Irish Survivors of Residential Schools.

A few more points

1. I vigorously deny that I am responsible for this blog about Heather Martin, she has made many enemies with her grievous actions and lies against many people. Heather Martin has disrupted groups and has been an all around ugly in character person. She cannot be trusted in my view.

2. I highly doubt if John O'Donnell has anything to do with that blog since it does have the URL of the UK as pointed out on the NAFPS forum. John O lives in Ireland as everyone knows and had he created that blog it would have not been a UK URL it would have ended with ie URL. Blogger is unique because its URL's cater to each country a person resides.  Remember Heather blamed Kitty first, me and then John O then both John O and I. She has never retracted her accusation against Kitty. She does not know who owns the blog however blaming some of us really fits in with her lies and deceit.

3. Heather Martin often parrots me and others who have told her what we think of her, so she is in get even mode. I.E patting each other on the back is basically what Heather Martin, Lydia and Renouf where doing.

4. None of us owe Heather Martin or Lydia White Calf a damn thing. It was them that turned on us because we were not going happily along with their little gang banging club. Because we didnt' bow down to Lydia, Greg or Heather and kiss their ass.

5. I never reported Lydia White Calf or her family to the Police at any time. I did not know they lived in Colorado and always thought they lived on the Pine Ridge Reservation due their own statements. The White Calfs always mentioned the FBI never the local police. Heather and./or Lydia is lying.

6. I have never did a damn thing  to the White Calfs, and I am sick of how they behave towards me.

7. The Only way Lydia and Heather can keep themselves relevant and in the limelight is through their negative BS.

8. It was Heather Martin that posted on her blog a document that stated that Lydia and Kevin Annett had an affair. Not any of us, nobody knew about that until Heather posted it on her blog. It is Heather Martin through her lies trying to get me, that got Lydia and she seems to have outed Lydia as being the culprit responsible for those death threats. Listen to podcast for my theory on that thanks.

9. While Heather Martin in her sick head tries to be a heroine, most people realize that so many of us moved on, it is Heather and her cronies that keep this bullshit up that forces me and others to revisit this from time to time, when we feel like it.

10. Kevin Annett in my view is done. His only platform is when he puts out videos standing alone pretending to have authority.

In ending I personally don't want to have anything to do with Heather Martin or Lydia White Calf, two half baked simpletons who think that nobody can see through their despicable lies against me and others. Grab a life bitter Betty's, the rest of us will live just fine. Toodles. Grin

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some Information On John George Aster CEO AXJ Published By Exposed 2014

This scribd article was authored by Exposed 2014 and was submitted by Bob M. Aster is someone that John Deegan and his flunkies all supported. This comes out of Australia with concerns on how John Aster operates online and how it is alleged he uses false pretenses online. It should be noted that John Aster was charged with having thousands of child porn images on his computer. And according to the link below John Aster plead guilty to the charge of possessing child porn images on several computers in his home.

John George Aster CEO AXJ
This Certificate does not Authorize John George Aster to ask for Donations, this certificate is a fake and is evidence to show how far a criminal will go to commit fraud in Australia.

These fake certificates are evidence to another Scam..........
(5C A person must not, without lawful excuse,make or have in his or her custody, or under his or her control, a machine or implement, or paper or other material, which is and which the person knows to be specially designed or adapted for the making of a document which, if made by him or her, would be false.

For all articles byJustice Kane go to this link

Absorbed Malice False & Misleading Reporting by Sean B Pals With Some Unsavory Characters

Aris Arnelle Durocher

As some of you know I have been quite busy and have not been online often lately. However I must take my time to make a public service announcement regarding people that falsely report others for no good reason but intentional malice! 

Ladies and Gentlemen it has come to my attention that Sean Boswell supporter of Kevin the self appointed savior of Indians, Annett . Pals with Hanne A and alleged child abuser John Deegan ( see Kevin Flanigan allegations against Deegan stating he abused three of his sisters children at the link below). has reported a Chebon Dacon beautiful art work as spam. A link  that I shared ! Boswell is pals with ugly in character people who appoint themselves saviors of Indian Residential School Survivors and speak for Irish Survivors. And who tell outrageous lies about others such as intentionally stating that innocent people have sent them death threats. I.E saying drop dead to Annett reverts into a death threat in Kevin's mind.

Lets Get To The Truth Site- See Kevin Flanagan's allegations against John Deegan( could be an alias name since this person Deegan uses so many fake profile names). Mr Flanagan is/was a friend of Deegans and Kevin Flanagan alleges that one of Deegan's family members told him personally that Deegan sexually abused three of his sisters children.

Flanagan also alleged that Deegan was living with his sister as boyfriend and girlfriend ( in fact Kevin Flanagan is also alleging that Deegan committed Incest with his sister. This is a friend of Deegans that related this not one of the people that can't stand Deegan because he has been an abusive hateful bully who stalks, attacks and lies about Irish Industrial/Residential School Survivors. Remember Deegan has bragged publicly about his criminal record. Just click on the Lets Get To The Truth Link Above to see Kevin Flanagans child abuse criminal allegations against John Deegan.

Artwork by Chebon Dacon
The most grievous is that he would classify Chebon Dacon's successful art work as spam. I thought of him as an idiot for reporting me since he was a fellow Admin on the same group we co Adminstered since he had the luxury of voicing his issue with me and other Admins. However the more I think about how he would say that Chebon's beautiful art work is spam leads me to believe that Sean Boswell is just plain ignorant and dumb!

What Sean Boswell didn't count on was that when he falsely reported me for no good reason is that FB now posts the name of the person that reports another person. Please see the first print screen showing Boswell had reported my post again for no good reason. Sean feigned to other Admins that it was a mistake on his part. I somehow doubt that since we were fellow admins for a long time ( years) and that I have posted Chebon's Dacon's art before on the groups we co Admin.

Sean Boswell used to be on my friends list, I have since blocked the critter and understand that Sean has been removed from our groups. Grin :D

I want to thank my fellow Admins on those groups that stuck up for me in my absence. Hugs my friends. :D

I just think people oughta know what Sneaky Sean Boswell does behind the scenes for no reason other then malice!

If any of you are interested in the superb artwork of Indigenous brilliant artist Chebon Dacon you may find n his art at the following locations.

Chebon Dacon Art

Chebon Dacon Art - Tribal Impressions

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rick Mercer Report- Fantino and Veterans

Mike Babcock's Olympic Coaching- Racist Attitudes In the NHL- The Continuance of Bigotry Of PK Subban

Aris- Arnelle Durocher

You know I am not watching the Olympics as a form of protest against Russia's dictator Vladmir Putin. I choose to side with humanity and Putin just does not cut the mustard in terms of being observant of human rights of people in his country and other countries. The fact that he aids Syria's Assad with arms and that thousands of Syrians have been murdered by the Assad regime should have caused red flags in terms of what country the Olympic games would be hosted. Here I was in my sabbatical mode and now I am forced to come out of it. Mike Babcock wants to talk about trust. Damn straight there is a trust issue only it doesn't have anything to do with not being able to trust PK Subban as an accomplished always striving hockey player!

That said, I may not be watching the Olympics however I am reading and am dismayed at how Canada continues to reveal its bigotry against black players in the NHL and on International levels. We already know how bigoted Canadian authorities are against Indians but it has been long forgotten about the discriminatory racist attitude towards black people in this country that exists to this very day in Canada.

Lets talk about PK Subban. Here is a young black man who has did everything right to basically be a well rounded person that is acceptable in this country. He is a superb athlete, loyal and dedicated. If this isn't racism, then what is it? Because Babcock's choice is not based on PK Subban's talent , the skill he has to put points on the board or that he is not a willing participant as a team player. In fact Subban is a very unselfish player in the NHL. Watch him play he never hogs the puck he will pass it to anybody that is in better position  then him to score!

Subban has contended with his NHL coach  Michael Therrien who was running down Subban until the fans took position against Therrien. Now PK Subban the reigning Norris Trophy winner , the best defense men in the league has to be brought down once again by the Caucasian man!!!!!!  FYI Olympic Coach Mike Babcock has been called a racist before by others against other groups of peoples aside from Black people. So there seems to be a consistency in Babcock's demeanour.

Yes I am going to say it because it needs to be said to what is truly going on here! Yes I dare to go there since Mike Babcock and others dare to go there!

Some will argue that PK's attitude is the right attitude where he is humble. However I argue being an older person with over fifty years of life experiences it is in my view minorities must never succumb to discrimination anywhere. It is in my view that the people of the world has changed and we no longer accept degradation of a person because of their race/color. See we all understand where PK Subban is coming from being in the position he is in. However the rest of us will pick up the slack NOT just for PK or minority hockey players or any other player in pro sports. We speak out for ourselves, our children's and families future and for humanity in general.

Please read this article on Babcock- Mike Babcock Awful Racist!- I think the author of this piece had Babcoks' number a long time ago!

This is about a long standing battle for equal rights and to be treated as such by people of other colors.

I also argue that Olympic coach Mike Babcock is shoveling the crap when he talks about trust and that is why PK was scratched with the only one other player scratched to make it look like it isn't bigotry.

So my question to Babcock is this, PK Subban is slated to play in game two which will be tomorrow. In one day Babcock will finally be able to trust PK Subban. In one day. Really. Ha ha ha ha, some people may want to delude themselves into thinking minorities are stupid and we don't see what this is, and again I caution the hockey hierarchy they would be wrong.

Who in their right mind would believe that a person can do a 180 degree turn and start trusting a player in one day. Right. Bullshit Babcock.

There is absolutely no excuse NOT to play the only black player in the Olympics who is the Norris Trophy Winner whatsoever!

In case Babcock missed it here is PK Subbans Stats

Recorded his 100th career assist in the NHL on Nov. 27 at BUF… Led the team in Nov. in points (12, tied with A. Markov) and in differential (+5)… Ranked tied for 3rd among NHL defensemen in Nov. in points (12) and tied for 4th with 10 assists… Blocked 5 shots on Dec. 5 vs. NJD and on Dec. 14 at NYI… Completed 5 hits on Dec. 15 vs. FLA… Scored a goal on 6 shots, and displayed a +3 differential on Dec. 21 at NSH… Amassed 2 points (1-1-2) and 5 shots on Dec. 31 at CAR… Led the team in Dec. in average time on ice per game (25:50)… Tied two personal-highs with 3 assists and 4 points, with 6 hits and a +3 differential on Jan. 2 at DAL… Scored the overtime winning goal on Jan. 16 at OTT… Led the team in Jan. with 6 assists (tied with B. Gallagher and M. Pacioretty)…

Does Mike Babcock still want to give Canadians a lame excuse on TRUST. Get Real Babcock. You know some Canadians like to camouflage their racism as a  polite act. I will also extend that the race card can be played both ways and I would be remiss in saying that some Caucasian people play the race card very well!!!!

The bottom line IMO PK Subban is a healthy scratch because Babcock is acting like an ardent bigot! Who just has to ensure that a young black man buckles under his Caucasian authority and knows his place as a black man, not the Norris Trophy winner. Oh yeah !!! We mustn't forget the dominance and the history of what the outcome of a bigot attitude against all minorities through the course of time.

The very bottom line if PK Subban was Caucasian and the Norris Trophy winner he would be playing in today's Olympic opener.

Here is a novel thought for the NHL for the future of the game and future fans. When you want to expand and cater to other people of color you may enjoy more fans then you can imagine. Perhaps your seats will be constantly filled!

Example just look at basketball and look at the players and then look at the fans who are loyal to the game, their chosen teams.

How much does basketball players make?

Now look at the fans a very wise mixed medley of people/fans including the minority black person attends those games, buys memorabilia. Why do we see more black people at basketball and other sports events. Because they see representation of their people through the players on the teams and in those leagues.

And you see it all through the various sports league with different minority players and fans of other colors buying tickets and becoming interested in the game.

The question is how much does the NHL want to expand and come into the mindset of  the 99 percent today.

Does Canadians really want to be represented internationally as the NHL is showcasing in terms of trying to make a black player grovel to dominant supremacy! I think not! This is ridiculous, it really is and it deplorable, shameful and dishonorable.

I will end this with this quote from the article I have inserted in this article about Babcock
Setoguchi’s Western Canada-ness it counterbalanced by his Japanese-ness, Babcock. Geez, get your stereotypes straight.

Excerpt from article-In conclusion, Mike Babcock is not technically as bad as the KKK, but it's a photo finish.

Finally some folks feel that openly talking about the apparent bigotry against PK Subban will come to hurt him. I beg to differ, on many accords. If bigots want to exercise their discrimination then we need to have the conversation and help racists along into what era this is and that racism has no place in any societies into today's world. Its that simple!

In ending PK Subban has to be complicate given the position he is in, the rest of us don't have to be. And now Babcock has a problem! Lucky for him that I came out of sabbatical mode! Grin- I love my Blackness, my Indian, my Irish and my French. I love my people from the walks of life I come from and they are worth fighting for! J/S

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Heather Martin & Lydia White Calf- Oh The Grammar & Spelling Police

Ignorance abound how inspirational! 

Aris Arnelle Durocher

Once more Heather Martin casts blame my way and now she has implicated John O'Donnell as the persons responsible for the Heather Martin Must Be Stopped Blog & now she says we also created a channel. What's next Heather perhaps I/we ( those you attack can have your baby for you? I mean its hard to break up with these morons. Grin. Then to read both Heather and Lydia's laughable attempt to oust themselves superior over everyone else. I just had to respond to set the record straight. Way to show up your ignorance ladies and I use the term ladies very loosely. 

More of Heather Martin's obsession for NO Reason other then hate and malice! BTW it is not a alleged it is an alleged ( pronunciation) Heather! Oops you're not as perfect as you thought you were are you Martin!

As I said on the podcast before Lydia wants to laugh at another person along with Heather they should make absolutely sure they are not without their own grammar and spelling blemishes. When using  a word as a pronoun you must consistently use the pronoun within the sentence. In this blurb the word one was used as a pronoun.  Example it would have been grammatically correct had you said "One must forget never to forget ones manners".

Note: These people were all being ignored until they started their attacks via videos and Heather's obsession blog and wall! It is NOT TRUE that I created or helped to create this channel. Heather Martin is a liar. Which is not unusual these days. She blamed Kitty Hundal for creating the Heather Must Be Stopped Blog first, now it is more convenient that JOD and I are blamed.

The bottom line Heather Martin does not know who are the creators of these online spaces. She is trifling in her accusations and lies. 

Deegan & The Manson Felines LIE yet again

Aris Arnelle Durocher

Accusations Abound by a bunch of deceitful demented liars!

As posted on twitter:

Deegan admits that Annett lied about death threats but Deegan failed to say that he helped Annett with lies and continues to lie about me & others under his many alias names with the help of some of his friends.

As an example Heather Martin first accused Kitty Hundal of being behind the Heather Martin Must Be Stopped Blog. Now she accuses myself and JOD. She would be WRONG YET AGAIN! Just like her friend DEEGAN was wrong when he helped Annett claim that Lydia and I were the same person. Since I am being accused with yet another lie out of their many lies. I thought I would share the blog in question. ( see above link).

Video From The Heather Martin Must Be Stopped Blog - Heather, Deegan
and friends seem to be making enemies with others. 

Please note the video Pagan Media & her despicable friends that Deegan put up with his friends help is another huge lie. I do not know Kitty Hundal, or any of her friends named in these videos. Deegan also accused two of Kitty H's friends of being pedophiles and Heather Martin parroted Deegan's accusations.

Deegan calls me a pedophile lover because I am a fan of Michael Jackson's. So in Deegan's mind any MJ fans are pedophile lovers. That is millions of fans worldwide! including professionals!

Deegan also calls residential school child victims pedophiles. Just about anybody that stands up to to him and his friends are attacked in this fashion. Heather Martin also has taken to calling people pedophiles and Lydia White Calf agrees with them.

Kevin Annett uses bogus death threats on his life and then tries to implicate professionals of killing 7 of his friends! If you say to Kevin drop dead he lies and turns it into a death threat against him.

Kevin Annett also lied about why there was a fall out with Deegan and Survivors in Ireland. It was how Deegan treated John Ayers and JOD and others survivors to why other Irish folk/survivors started leaving the Annett/Deegan abode. That and the fact that Irish activists were starting to see that Annett was a liar and only using the painful history of residential schools for his gain in raking in donations. That is what I was told by more then one Irish Survivor with the Annett/Deegan experience!

The minute Annett was questioned in terms of his motives. Deegan and his friends attacked the living survivors. Deegan sheds all responsibility of how he lied attacked, bullied, harassed and stalked the survivors that turned away from him because of his actions against them and other survivors. Kevin Annett once more selfishly claims glory that had very little to do with him. He is so big headed and conceited that he just had to say it was about him. UGH.

In ending the only two people I knew at the time of this huge fall out in Ireland was Bob M and Moira D. Deegan is telling another absolute lie when he tries to lay blame with me for what he did. Further his bro fight with Kevin Annett again has nothing to do with me. Deegan posted in his videos the conservation fight that took place between him and Annett and again it seemed to be Deegan's actions. In fact Annett called Deegan crazy and then made fun of him when Deegan was pulling his support. Annett said in that conversation that nobody went to Deegan's events. Please notE I am pretty confident that Deegan did not show us the full conversation in his fight with Annett.

In essence Kevin Annett and some of his close affiliates had enough of Deegan in my opinion and since he wasn't producing the people he was replaceable to Kevin Annett. Had Deegan brought the people in to the events, Kevin would have shone Deegans' shoes for him. I derive this from Deegans videos about his fight with Annett.

A grown ass man like John Deegan or whatever his name is can accuse people with his lies, attack and abuse people  but he can't handle it when people stand up to him, his friends and their lies. Suck it up and deal with it Janice, John Deegan, Paddy Murphy, James Bell, Peter Parks, Kevin Gallagher, Brendan Gallagher, Jeanine Johnson, fake pagan media impersonator, megawathercrystal, Jay Jay, imoffouttahere, and all other fakes and alias names you and some of your friends use.