Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Heather Martin & Lydia White Calf- Oh The Grammar & Spelling Police

Ignorance abound how inspirational! 

Aris Arnelle Durocher

Once more Heather Martin casts blame my way and now she has implicated John O'Donnell as the persons responsible for the Heather Martin Must Be Stopped Blog & now she says we also created a channel. What's next Heather perhaps I/we ( those you attack can have your baby for you? I mean its hard to break up with these morons. Grin. Then to read both Heather and Lydia's laughable attempt to oust themselves superior over everyone else. I just had to respond to set the record straight. Way to show up your ignorance ladies and I use the term ladies very loosely. 

More of Heather Martin's obsession for NO Reason other then hate and malice! BTW it is not a alleged it is an alleged ( pronunciation) Heather! Oops you're not as perfect as you thought you were are you Martin!

As I said on the podcast before Lydia wants to laugh at another person along with Heather they should make absolutely sure they are not without their own grammar and spelling blemishes. When using  a word as a pronoun you must consistently use the pronoun within the sentence. In this blurb the word one was used as a pronoun.  Example it would have been grammatically correct had you said "One must forget never to forget ones manners".

Note: These people were all being ignored until they started their attacks via videos and Heather's obsession blog and wall! It is NOT TRUE that I created or helped to create this channel. Heather Martin is a liar. Which is not unusual these days. She blamed Kitty Hundal for creating the Heather Must Be Stopped Blog first, now it is more convenient that JOD and I are blamed.

The bottom line Heather Martin does not know who are the creators of these online spaces. She is trifling in her accusations and lies. 

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