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Mike Babcock's Olympic Coaching- Racist Attitudes In the NHL- The Continuance of Bigotry Of PK Subban

Aris- Arnelle Durocher

You know I am not watching the Olympics as a form of protest against Russia's dictator Vladmir Putin. I choose to side with humanity and Putin just does not cut the mustard in terms of being observant of human rights of people in his country and other countries. The fact that he aids Syria's Assad with arms and that thousands of Syrians have been murdered by the Assad regime should have caused red flags in terms of what country the Olympic games would be hosted. Here I was in my sabbatical mode and now I am forced to come out of it. Mike Babcock wants to talk about trust. Damn straight there is a trust issue only it doesn't have anything to do with not being able to trust PK Subban as an accomplished always striving hockey player!

That said, I may not be watching the Olympics however I am reading and am dismayed at how Canada continues to reveal its bigotry against black players in the NHL and on International levels. We already know how bigoted Canadian authorities are against Indians but it has been long forgotten about the discriminatory racist attitude towards black people in this country that exists to this very day in Canada.

Lets talk about PK Subban. Here is a young black man who has did everything right to basically be a well rounded person that is acceptable in this country. He is a superb athlete, loyal and dedicated. If this isn't racism, then what is it? Because Babcock's choice is not based on PK Subban's talent , the skill he has to put points on the board or that he is not a willing participant as a team player. In fact Subban is a very unselfish player in the NHL. Watch him play he never hogs the puck he will pass it to anybody that is in better position  then him to score!

Subban has contended with his NHL coach  Michael Therrien who was running down Subban until the fans took position against Therrien. Now PK Subban the reigning Norris Trophy winner , the best defense men in the league has to be brought down once again by the Caucasian man!!!!!!  FYI Olympic Coach Mike Babcock has been called a racist before by others against other groups of peoples aside from Black people. So there seems to be a consistency in Babcock's demeanour.

Yes I am going to say it because it needs to be said to what is truly going on here! Yes I dare to go there since Mike Babcock and others dare to go there!

Some will argue that PK's attitude is the right attitude where he is humble. However I argue being an older person with over fifty years of life experiences it is in my view minorities must never succumb to discrimination anywhere. It is in my view that the people of the world has changed and we no longer accept degradation of a person because of their race/color. See we all understand where PK Subban is coming from being in the position he is in. However the rest of us will pick up the slack NOT just for PK or minority hockey players or any other player in pro sports. We speak out for ourselves, our children's and families future and for humanity in general.

Please read this article on Babcock- Mike Babcock Awful Racist!- I think the author of this piece had Babcoks' number a long time ago!

This is about a long standing battle for equal rights and to be treated as such by people of other colors.

I also argue that Olympic coach Mike Babcock is shoveling the crap when he talks about trust and that is why PK was scratched with the only one other player scratched to make it look like it isn't bigotry.

So my question to Babcock is this, PK Subban is slated to play in game two which will be tomorrow. In one day Babcock will finally be able to trust PK Subban. In one day. Really. Ha ha ha ha, some people may want to delude themselves into thinking minorities are stupid and we don't see what this is, and again I caution the hockey hierarchy they would be wrong.

Who in their right mind would believe that a person can do a 180 degree turn and start trusting a player in one day. Right. Bullshit Babcock.

There is absolutely no excuse NOT to play the only black player in the Olympics who is the Norris Trophy Winner whatsoever!

In case Babcock missed it here is PK Subbans Stats

Recorded his 100th career assist in the NHL on Nov. 27 at BUF… Led the team in Nov. in points (12, tied with A. Markov) and in differential (+5)… Ranked tied for 3rd among NHL defensemen in Nov. in points (12) and tied for 4th with 10 assists… Blocked 5 shots on Dec. 5 vs. NJD and on Dec. 14 at NYI… Completed 5 hits on Dec. 15 vs. FLA… Scored a goal on 6 shots, and displayed a +3 differential on Dec. 21 at NSH… Amassed 2 points (1-1-2) and 5 shots on Dec. 31 at CAR… Led the team in Dec. in average time on ice per game (25:50)… Tied two personal-highs with 3 assists and 4 points, with 6 hits and a +3 differential on Jan. 2 at DAL… Scored the overtime winning goal on Jan. 16 at OTT… Led the team in Jan. with 6 assists (tied with B. Gallagher and M. Pacioretty)…

Does Mike Babcock still want to give Canadians a lame excuse on TRUST. Get Real Babcock. You know some Canadians like to camouflage their racism as a  polite act. I will also extend that the race card can be played both ways and I would be remiss in saying that some Caucasian people play the race card very well!!!!

The bottom line IMO PK Subban is a healthy scratch because Babcock is acting like an ardent bigot! Who just has to ensure that a young black man buckles under his Caucasian authority and knows his place as a black man, not the Norris Trophy winner. Oh yeah !!! We mustn't forget the dominance and the history of what the outcome of a bigot attitude against all minorities through the course of time.

The very bottom line if PK Subban was Caucasian and the Norris Trophy winner he would be playing in today's Olympic opener.

Here is a novel thought for the NHL for the future of the game and future fans. When you want to expand and cater to other people of color you may enjoy more fans then you can imagine. Perhaps your seats will be constantly filled!

Example just look at basketball and look at the players and then look at the fans who are loyal to the game, their chosen teams.

How much does basketball players make?

Now look at the fans a very wise mixed medley of people/fans including the minority black person attends those games, buys memorabilia. Why do we see more black people at basketball and other sports events. Because they see representation of their people through the players on the teams and in those leagues.

And you see it all through the various sports league with different minority players and fans of other colors buying tickets and becoming interested in the game.

The question is how much does the NHL want to expand and come into the mindset of  the 99 percent today.

Does Canadians really want to be represented internationally as the NHL is showcasing in terms of trying to make a black player grovel to dominant supremacy! I think not! This is ridiculous, it really is and it deplorable, shameful and dishonorable.

I will end this with this quote from the article I have inserted in this article about Babcock
Setoguchi’s Western Canada-ness it counterbalanced by his Japanese-ness, Babcock. Geez, get your stereotypes straight.

Excerpt from article-In conclusion, Mike Babcock is not technically as bad as the KKK, but it's a photo finish.

Finally some folks feel that openly talking about the apparent bigotry against PK Subban will come to hurt him. I beg to differ, on many accords. If bigots want to exercise their discrimination then we need to have the conversation and help racists along into what era this is and that racism has no place in any societies into today's world. Its that simple!

In ending PK Subban has to be complicate given the position he is in, the rest of us don't have to be. And now Babcock has a problem! Lucky for him that I came out of sabbatical mode! Grin- I love my Blackness, my Indian, my Irish and my French. I love my people from the walks of life I come from and they are worth fighting for! J/S

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