Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some Information On John George Aster CEO AXJ Published By Exposed 2014

This scribd article was authored by Exposed 2014 and was submitted by Bob M. Aster is someone that John Deegan and his flunkies all supported. This comes out of Australia with concerns on how John Aster operates online and how it is alleged he uses false pretenses online. It should be noted that John Aster was charged with having thousands of child porn images on his computer. And according to the link below John Aster plead guilty to the charge of possessing child porn images on several computers in his home.

John George Aster CEO AXJ
This Certificate does not Authorize John George Aster to ask for Donations, this certificate is a fake and is evidence to show how far a criminal will go to commit fraud in Australia.

These fake certificates are evidence to another Scam..........
(5C A person must not, without lawful excuse,make or have in his or her custody, or under his or her control, a machine or implement, or paper or other material, which is and which the person knows to be specially designed or adapted for the making of a document which, if made by him or her, would be false.

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