Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Absorbed Malice False & Misleading Reporting by Sean B Pals With Some Unsavory Characters

Aris Arnelle Durocher

As some of you know I have been quite busy and have not been online often lately. However I must take my time to make a public service announcement regarding people that falsely report others for no good reason but intentional malice! 

Ladies and Gentlemen it has come to my attention that Sean Boswell supporter of Kevin the self appointed savior of Indians, Annett . Pals with Hanne A and alleged child abuser John Deegan ( see Kevin Flanigan allegations against Deegan stating he abused three of his sisters children at the link below). has reported a Chebon Dacon beautiful art work as spam. A link  that I shared ! Boswell is pals with ugly in character people who appoint themselves saviors of Indian Residential School Survivors and speak for Irish Survivors. And who tell outrageous lies about others such as intentionally stating that innocent people have sent them death threats. I.E saying drop dead to Annett reverts into a death threat in Kevin's mind.

Lets Get To The Truth Site- See Kevin Flanagan's allegations against John Deegan( could be an alias name since this person Deegan uses so many fake profile names). Mr Flanagan is/was a friend of Deegans and Kevin Flanagan alleges that one of Deegan's family members told him personally that Deegan sexually abused three of his sisters children.

Flanagan also alleged that Deegan was living with his sister as boyfriend and girlfriend ( in fact Kevin Flanagan is also alleging that Deegan committed Incest with his sister. This is a friend of Deegans that related this not one of the people that can't stand Deegan because he has been an abusive hateful bully who stalks, attacks and lies about Irish Industrial/Residential School Survivors. Remember Deegan has bragged publicly about his criminal record. Just click on the Lets Get To The Truth Link Above to see Kevin Flanagans child abuse criminal allegations against John Deegan.

Artwork by Chebon Dacon
The most grievous is that he would classify Chebon Dacon's successful art work as spam. I thought of him as an idiot for reporting me since he was a fellow Admin on the same group we co Adminstered since he had the luxury of voicing his issue with me and other Admins. However the more I think about how he would say that Chebon's beautiful art work is spam leads me to believe that Sean Boswell is just plain ignorant and dumb!

What Sean Boswell didn't count on was that when he falsely reported me for no good reason is that FB now posts the name of the person that reports another person. Please see the first print screen showing Boswell had reported my post again for no good reason. Sean feigned to other Admins that it was a mistake on his part. I somehow doubt that since we were fellow admins for a long time ( years) and that I have posted Chebon's Dacon's art before on the groups we co Admin.

Sean Boswell used to be on my friends list, I have since blocked the critter and understand that Sean has been removed from our groups. Grin :D

I want to thank my fellow Admins on those groups that stuck up for me in my absence. Hugs my friends. :D

I just think people oughta know what Sneaky Sean Boswell does behind the scenes for no reason other then malice!

If any of you are interested in the superb artwork of Indigenous brilliant artist Chebon Dacon you may find n his art at the following locations.

Chebon Dacon Art

Chebon Dacon Art - Tribal Impressions

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