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Canada's Question Period- Stephen Harper Robust Deflective Deceit

Today's Parliamentary Question Period: In part

Aris Durocher

Thomas Mulcair - NDP

Why were Kurdish forces not made aware of the presence of Canadian Forces on the Front Lines.

Stephen Harpoon- Cons

This was not combat, this was friendly fire incident. Sergeant Andrew Doiron and his colleagues did not expect to come under fire. At this point Harpoon tries to divert attention by stating he received a condolence call from the PM of Iraq and that Harper spoke to Sgt Doirons family to give condolences and to thank them for his service. (snip) Could fool most surviving Canadian Vets on how much respect Harperville has for Military soldiers.Cutbacks and open public disrespect doesn't lie on the true position of the Harper Government's thought on Vets and it is nothing short of contemptuous, deceitful, ignorant, indifferent, inflammatory, mean spirited, ruthless and unapologetic.

Mulcair – States that Stephen Harper/Cons are insulting Sgt. Doiron by denying he was killed in combat. As a comparison Mulcair asks can Stephen Harper explain what is the difference between Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan under similar circumstances and the death of Sgt. Doiron.

Harpo repeats the same jargon that soldiers were not in combat and did not expect to come under fire from anybody particularly not their “ PARTNERS”. Harpoon then moves in for full volume exploitation and says it doesn’t change the fact that this is a dangerous mission, there are risks and thank GOD that we have men and women that are willing to go to places such as this so they don’t come here.  (snip) Yes thank the creator that we have election stealing, bearing false witness and testimony Con MP’s like Stephen Harper that is willing to go the distance and do what it takes when he and his former co instigator John Baird practically invited ISIS/ISIL to fight them on our CDN shores.

Mulcair- Shot a dirty look at somebody as if to say LIAR.

Mulcair asserted there is no difference they are ALL combat deaths. Mulcair asks Harpoon again. Why are Canadians Soldiers on the Front lines without Parliamentary Approval.

- Canadians soldiers are working on the mission and mandate they were given and made quite clear.

Mulcair retorted with his thoughts on simple reality. He said when you are so close to the front lines and being shot by your Allies it’s because you are being mistaken for the enemy. It’s because you are on the Front Lines it is because you are in combat. Mulcair once more issues his question. Why are Canadian Soldiers on the Front Lines. That is not what this parliament voted on. Why is Stephen Harper allowing it.

Harpoon tried to capitalize on his version of the truth which is the NDP voted against it. That the Cons voted to put CDN soldiers in combat. (First for Harper to even utter the world truth is enormous hypocrisy in my view.) Harper and most of the Cons wouldn’t know what the truth is if the truth jumped out in neon flashing lights enshrouded in the word truth. Second the real truth as reported by McLeans.ca  is that the NDP and Liberals voted against the motion on the grounds that the Conservative government, maddeningly stingy with details about its plans, had failed to make a convincing case. The NDP had proposed an amendment to the motion that would have overhauled the motion entirely, focusing instead on supplying arms to local fighters and increasing humanitarian support. The amendment, however, was defeated 157-134. ( Follow the link they have the debate in audio there).


After Stephen Harper’s huge bout of hypocrisy and cherry picking truth. He then starts preening his peacock feathers and further states that the Cons wanted to give all the help they could to the brave Kurdish people who are resisting ISIL/ISIS and willing to take on the fighting themselves. Harper still claims that Canadians Soldiers are there to give advice and assistance in a robust way and that the Cons are absolutely following what they said they would do and will continue to do so. ( snip, until we vote you out). I am wondering why Harpoon is not congratulating Brave Canadian for taking on our fight against Harper's and his illegal unconstitutional bills.

Mulcair responded: Let’s look word for word what Stephen Harper actually told Canadians and word for word on what Parliament voted on. On Sept 30th,2014 Stephen Harper stated the terms are quite specific, it’s advising and assisting and NOT accompanying! ( snip) In fact you can find Stephen Harper quoting the same on other dates past Sept 30th that Canadians soldiers were only advising and assisting. So why did Sgt. Doiron end up being killed by accompanying and with friendly allies. Doesn’t make sense that Canadian Soldiers are there in Iraq for months and yet their Allies don’t recognize them and opens fire as if they were the enemy.  Harper is not telling the truth AGAIN IMO. He seems to have lied to Canadian people initially about this so called mission.

Mulcair further stated. The motion passed by the house stated that the Harper Government would not deploy military within the context of land operations. How is it that our soldiers are not only accompanying but the actually died on the Front Lines.

Harpoon spews, that there were a lot of falsehoods in Mulcair's question and that the mandate is specific and our soldiers are following that mandate word for word and that is still the case.

Justin Trudeau
- advises that this weekend the MOD Jason Kenny posted images of special forces in Iraq risking their safety and that Kenny also described the Muslim Shia Ashura ceremony as ISIS/ISIL enslavement. Jason Kenney also announced on social media that Corporal Nathan Cirillo had tragically died before his family and comrades knew. JT asks has Harpoon reprimanded Jason Kenny for any of his behavior.

Stephen Harpoon
played that Jason Kenny is new at the job card. Harper said  the Minister of  National Defense ( Jason Kenny) is new at this portfolio, is taking over one of the most important missions the Harper Government has at any time; and that is obviously the safety of our country and the execution of brave men and women who serve that country through various missions. And I have full confidence in our Minister of National Defense ( Kenny) said Harper. (Snip). So if he is taking on the most important mission shouldn’t a person with the glorified title of Minister of National Defense KNOW the difference between Actors/roll playing and reality in current living conditions. I would assume yes. Let us be reminded that Harper had confidence in Dean Del Mastro, Patrick Brazeau, Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy, and now let’s remember how that all panned out for Heave Steve 2015who seems to have confidence in a complete nincompoops.

Justin Trudeau replied the Immigration and the Defense Minister and the member from  New Brunswick South West have proven in word and indeed in recent days that the Harper Government is irresponsibly going after Minorities. Instead of attacking and dividing Canadians, the Harper Government should be putting its energy into an economic plan for this country. That’s the top priority. Trudeau asked,"Can the Harper Government tell us when they are going to table their budget."

sputtering,hotly replied that in lieu of Justin Trudeau’s speech last night, that it is clearly JT has taken an irresponsible position on minorities. ( snip) Can Stephen point out exactly where JT’s irresponsibility is in that speech? Here is his address.


Harper went on with stretched truth that his Governments economic plans is proven because there have been 1.2 million jobs since the recession. ( snip) Stephen Harper forgot to advise it was the Harper Gov incompetence that also added to the recession in terms of not being able to get people to buy into Conservative ideas for economic growth, simply Conservatives are not trusted when it comes to economics, they never usually tell the truth on the growth part and they are usually stealing from Peter to give to Paul so to speak.  It’s one of the best records in the world Stephen Harper sniffed. BTW in July 2014 Stephen Harper was quoted as saying 1.1 million jobs. I guess he thought making the number higher sounded better, that is if the numbers are accurate and not stretches of Harper's active delusional imagination. IE. That he is not lying, yet again.


Justin Trudeau went on to state– The Immigration minister called the Hijab an indefensible perversion of Canadian values. The Member from NB SW for his part said some pretty reprehensible things about foreign workers. Instead of dividing Canadians Stephen Harper should get his priorities straight and present his economic plans for Canadians to see. Justin Trudeau asked Once again when will Stephen Harper table the budget.

Harper then responds with the most outrageous lie of all that almost all Canadians oppose wearing face coverings during citizenship ceremonies. Really, I beg to differ from what I see most Canadians oppose the inequality stance that our election stealing so called leader has taken. It’s not too difficult to understand Stephen. Unless Mr. Harper can swear under oath that he asked all Canadians their opinion, his statement can be thought of as a lie. A few hundred to over a thousand ppl surveyed usually online, does not even begin to adequately represent Canadians citizens thoughts on the status quo on
niqab/hijab. In fact it is a pretty chauvinistic view point from Harper. I think Stephen should stop wearing his rug, but that doesn’t make me right or representative of all Canadians on whether Harper should wear a rug or not. Like hijab/niqab it is a matter of personal individual choice.  And I will tell you another thing, if Stephen Harper thinks this statement makes him look intelligent, he may want to think again.

Now for the biggest hypocritical lie coming from Harper. He had to mention transparency, he just had to mention it, when it was reported he quietly did away with transparency within his own government. Stevie had the Gall to say. It’s not difficult to understand we don’t’ allow people to cover their faces during citizenship ceremonies. Why would Canadians contrary to our  own values embrace a practice at that time that is not transparent, that is not open and frankly is rooted in a culture that is Anti Women. OH puleezeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop Harper’s out and out profound duplicity. If anyone is Anti women it is Stephen Harper.

Excerpt regarding the Muslim covering of faces ideology
These verses of Quran are known as the verses of Hijab and it is the consensus of Islamic scholars that they make the wearing of Hijab mandatory.  Some countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar do enforce a dress code.  Women there are expected to cover their hair and wear some sort of loose fitting, full-length garment over their clothes.  However, for the majority of Muslim women around the world, to cover, or not to cover, is a freely made choice. God requires Muslim women to dress modestly and to wear the Hijab in public and in the presence of men who are not close relatives.  ( Note Stephen Harpers Saudi pals ENFORCE dress codes)


Then Harper states and speaks for all of us that the covering of faces is unacceptable to Canadians and unacceptable to Canadian women. The same women he personally hates. Harpers’
misogynistic attitude towards women with his twisted perceptions and personal positions is what is unacceptable if not intolerable. And he absolutey does not speak for this Canadian women. 

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