Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion- Street Justice Vs Crime Stopper's Justice- And The Winner Is

Aris Durocher

What a riveting reunion. That was quite the knock down drag down and up episode. Despite what some folks thought,Vivica Fox is exactly the right person to host the reunion this season. She can keep up with the Mob Wives women and men in which the ladies can be very volatile when they choose to be.

I had many thoughts on watching the Reunion part one so where do I start. Hhhmmmm lets start with the fact that anybody that ever lived and/or experienced a similar street background KNOWS full well that neither London nor Natalie Guercio knows NOTHING about this type of life style. Karen Gravano knows it as did many Mob Wives viewers including me that Natalie Guercio is really dumb and uneducated when it comes to the streets. After all the streets is a unique education in itself. Frankly Natalie Guercio would NEVER make it in the realm of the street life, she simply has way to big of a mouth, that she can't back up. And even if a person knows how to back up their mouth, one needs to also know when to shut up within the street life sub cultural.

No matter what sub cultural in the streets one comes from, this type of life experience is very similar on many fronts into dimensions. There are variants to the street community however the code of the streets is usually the same. Such as you didn't hear nothing, you didn't see nothing and you don't know nothing.

On terms of Rat I do agree with Storm, one simply can't have it both ways. One can't talk the talk of the streets then walk the walk of a law abiding citizens if you will. Storm is exactly right it does NOT work that way. And anybody coming from that background realizes it.

As an Example. One may grow up in that background and choose a different life as they become adults, however, one does not get to go back and forth into it, either you are in it or you are not. It's that simple.

Having said that, if one comes from that background that they were born into it, even though some depart from it in adulthood, one is never really fully out of it. Why not? Because they are born into it on a level of family. People don't usually abandon their family, however, most that depart from this life,  for a different life, manage to keep a respectable balance on what is the expectation of the streets. One can't be in and out as Natalie G demonstrates, as Storm said it does NOT work that way. 

I am going to also extend what I think Storm and Karen G were saying about how London and Natalie G dealt with London's alleged attack. What Karen Gravano and Storm  were trying to explain that if you are from the streets, living the life of the streets then those people that come from the street background KNOW about STREET JUSTICE. Yes there is such a thing as street justice which typically called for London to handle his business on the level of Justice street style. An eye for an eye so to speak.  ( If London was truly from the streets). Both Natalie Guercio and London ran and called 911 and then Natalie was online asking for people to call crime stoppers, or tell her so she/they would press charges.That is not a street person's response at all. 911 is the last thing on a person living that life's mind. They would normally prefer to die a thousand painful deaths then pick up the phone and call 911.

Now some argue that London had the right to pursue his attacker legally. Storm and Karen seem to be saying that Natale and London cannot have it both ways. If you are a law abiding non street person, that's fine, but own it and owe up to it. You can't USE the streets when its good for you and most certainly Natalie G is NOT impressing anyone from that background. IE: Anything that Natalie spews about how tough she thinks she is , has been heard before. However she looks dumb for trying to walk a walk that she has no idea what is in that background.

Let me give you an example of street justice and where I come from how our families and in particular our fathers dealt with issues or anyone that tried to harm their families. One of our family friends daughter had this boyfriend who decided he was going to try and pimp her. One night he beat her up and he beat her where it could not be detected on her stomach and back. And he had the nerve to demand she not go home and tell her parents/family. He thought he beat her enough that she would be to afraid to tell her family. Well, he was wrong and she did tell her mother who alerted her husband. This girl's father and brothers went out immediately looking for her soon to be ex boyfriend by her father's insistence. In street justice matters are usually dealt with in a timely effective manner. Anyhow they found her ex boyfriend and they beat him within an inch of his life and broke his legs. Her father assured the ex boyfriend if he ever went anywhere near his daughter again he would kill him. That is an example of street justice and support to where I came from. Nobody messed with us they didn't want to see our fathers coming for them, in fact when some idiots decided to be stupid, they would go into hiding from our fathers. Where I come from we had support with our fathers and families with these type of messy ordeals. No police was required.

Here is another example of a person with no supports who died. There was a girl and a beautiful looking girl at that, who had a boyfriend that was abusive in the most violent ways. This girl could have been a model. Every time she was beaten up her family and friends tried to get her away from this abusive bastard. She kept going back to him on his fake promises that he would change. She eventually had a baby with him.

One day he took to beating her again only this time he beat her to death. Apparently she was in the ambulance saying over and over again I don't want to die.  This is where I strongly advise women, if you have no supports ladies/girls you call the police and you press charges!

Men never have the right to beat women. Ladies do not hesitate if a man beats you to press those charges if you have no supports, it can mean life or death of your safety and well being.

Again if anyone dares to call a women and/or child  in a violent predicament a rat, screw them. It is you and maybe your children's lives in jeopardy not theirs.

And I could tell you other stories of domestic violence on women, some who survived and some who did not. However that is for another day.

There are some issues that come up in communities such as Native ones that the Police are not helpful in domestic violence complains. Again this is for another day that I plan on writing about that soon.

That said. Karen Gravano is not responsible for what her father did no matter what reason Sammy Gravano had at the time of his loyalty departure from the Mob.  It has nothing to do with Karen.  Just like it has nothing to do with Renee or AJ what Jr Pagan did. Karen nor Renee did not give anybody up. It really is that simple.

However truth be told John Gotti got himself
and everyone else including Sammy the Bull when he forgot the one important rule of the Mob was silence, keep your thoughts to yourself etc... The FBI got Gotti on undeniable tape recording and because of it he was the reason Sammy the Bull and others were arrested. Everybody seems to forget that part of what happened and why Karen's father decided to help himself.

Having said that, it doesn't take away from the fact that Sammy the Bull or John Gotti did murder people and those families do have issues with the Gotti's and Gravano's. With that said, it still does not make the offspring/family members of either John Gotti or Sammy Gravano responsible for what their fathers did in life. Their families don't own it. I provided a link to the real deal of what went down with the Gotti/Gravano mishap.

Don't Blame Sammy "the Bull" Gravano for John Gotti's Conviction

I personally would love to see Victoria Gotti and Karen Gravano hash it out. Then again, as Renee said they really can't talk about some things. There is a fine line there. a boundary so to speak within the street code.

Somebody tweeted that Natalie G needs to show exactly where and who Karen G ratted out. Natalie G is not able to do this because Karen has not did any such thing.

Natalie G's brother is a respected detective so she tells us. So hypothetically speaking if her brother ever came under scrutiny of being a dirty cop, would it be fitting to blame Natalie G and her other family members for her brothers misgivings and actions. NO. Natalie G needs to cut the crap, its bullshit. And using Karen's father as she did is really pathetic and inane.

And anyhow who the hell is Natalie G? The moral compass of the mob. Seriously.

I also agree with Storm when he uttered that Natalie G's brother is no longer respected. That is most likely true due to Natalie's demeanor and the fact she likes to expose her wares at all times. It must be embarrassing for him or perhaps not depending on what type of Police Officer he is. Grin

Moving along, I like Big Ang. I understand why she would become fighting mad and upset when anybody talks about her family. Its a normal human reaction when somebody is cutting down somebodies family. I am just wondering why Big Ang does not see it the same way, with Natalie G talking about Karen and Renee's families in such derogatory ways?

Moving on, I for one will be waiting in anticipation for both London and Natalie G to tell Sammy Gravano all that they had to say about him to his daughter Karen Gravano
. I want to see if they will have the balls to say all that they had to say about his daughter Karen G and other family straight to Sammy the Bull's face. I am waiting for London to man up and Natalie G to woman up. Lets see if it happens when he gets out. Will they say it straight to his face? I doubt that very much.

As for Natalie using the excuse her whole issue is because she is sticking up for her friend Alicia DeMichelle who by the way got four years probation for stealing from a Union Welfare Fund. I am pretty sure that Alicia DeMichelle's husband can handle his own affairs. Did DeMichelle's husband personally ask Natalie G to do this on his behalf. It was his father that was murdered on orders from the Mob, not Natalie G's. To me Natalie G is using this to have something to say,its not her business, like so much is not Natalie G's business.

Moving on to Drita. Some tweeted she was to quiet. I think Drita has changed and she is walking down a slightly different path. In fact the Original Mob Wives cast from seasons one and two are trying to change their lives into one that maybe different and better. Her kids are growing up, she is busy with them, her business. Drita D'avanzo is not quiet she is just busy and doesn't seem to have to much to add at this point. I do agree that Drita did flip flop back and forth. Was that out of confusion?

However Drita did in past seasons and part of this season go back and forth to much. She needs to learn its usually not her problem, let those fighting, do what they must. Stop playing referee, it will get Dirta nowhere. And she simply does not need to go back and forth and be in it all the time. If Drita is carving out a new productive life for her and her family. So what, let her. The other Mob Wives ladies all seem to be trying to carve out a different life for themselves. Let them. What's the issue, if they seek changes. More power to the Mob Wives ladies of Big Ang, Carla, Drita, Karen, Ramona, Renee. Go on ladies climb that mountain of change and make it happen. :D

I think Drita is also pissed off that Natalie Guercio lied to her and she believed her. If it is any consolation to Drita, at least once in most peoples lives somebody has lied to them and sometimes a person likes another person to such a degree they don't want to see their lies and bullshit. I think Big Ang Raiola is exhibiting the same mindset as Drita, of not wanting to believe what they see deep down in Natalie Guercio. 

Only Natalie Guercio doesn't deserve that supportive friendship based on what she is saying and doing. As it stands now she really didn't have a reason to go after Karen Gravano and through it she has practically ruined friendships no matter what degree of friendship.|

This was quite the knock down dragged out and down fight and next week it seems to continue to the point of an all out Brouhaha between Natale DiDonato and Natalie Guercio.|

Extra: Now Natalie G is fighting with Vivica Fox. Sheesh Natalie has a vicious mouth and makes up complete lies.  Natalie G doesn't feel she got enough air times. Really could have fooled me. Anybody watching knows that if Vivica didn't cut her off Natalie G would have talked through the entire episode.

In ending there is no winner whether one chooses Street Justice or Crime Stopper justice. It is a matter of perspective and lifestyle. However as mentioned in this article one simply can't have it both ways. It does not work and will not work.

Side Codicil: As always Mob Wives Producers please bring back Ramona Rizzo. Please :D